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The Mature Matisse

These classes will be for adults and will be for 2 hours per week.

We will start off with the principles of drawing in different mediums to understand proficiency in each. Various concepts will be practiced before the student develops the confidence to start painting in his or her preferred medium. Subjects of own choice will be put on canvas, whether abstract or realistic. This process might take several months depending on your experience as well as practice throughout the process.

After the drawing phase we will continue with painting where you will be able to choose your own subjects under guidance of the teacher, which can be done either from reference, or from real life. Here it is important for us not only develop your own style, but also build confidence in what you would like to do as an artist, portraying your unique view of the world.

Here are some of the concepts we will cover in drawing in order for you to become your own Matisse and develop your own style of drawing as well as painting

  • Seeing with fresh eyes and understanding what mark to make in terms of shape, space and tone, to mention a few
  • How to understand feeling and put this to drawing, whether through texture, volume or gesture in terms of your mark
  • The concept of seeing, feeling and knowing, understanding what you have learnt to make you look at objects in a different light
  • Understand what the selective process means in terms of materials as well as subject that can be chosen – which in return will lead to developing your own unique artistic style